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About Me

I'm Mizan. I'm an engineer, space scientist, programmer, singer, but I love to draw - in fact I'm obsessed with it all the time! Ever since I started seeing nature I have been drawing. Art was in my family blood. My parents, siblings all practice art.

Nature has taught me everything. I always try to look at nature in a very deep way and try to find its secrets, and I try to make myself better as an artist. I not only dedicate myself to a hardworking studio practice, I look at painting of different artists and learn from their art work, visit different places, take pictures and sing along with the nature. I beleive art, music and science are inter related. All three follow the laws of physics. I also have a passion for teaching; I love to pass on what I have collected from my years of research and experimentation in the studio.



What inspires me?

First, I am always inspired by nature. Then I am inspired to look at the landscapes, portraits, abstracts of the old masters and follow how they portrayed nature. By following them I try to create my own. I get frustrated when I can't follow them and I keep trying and trying again and again.

My Experiment


This painting was given to Sr. George Bush by the president of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh in 1989.

This painting was nominated for the first prize in the 1987 Asian Art Biennial Exhibition


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